The people behind WheelMUD
Lord Ashon
(Troy Fisher)
He was there from the beginning. His our main idea and PR man. He has contributed much time and effort in all phases of the work in VB code and ASP.
(Hector Sosa, Jr)
Another of the founders. He came to WheelMUD shortly after Ashon. He's currently hosting the site on his server, so that this project will go forward.
(David Ray)
His enthusiasm is boundless as much as his rambling ;-). He is quite knowledgeable about VB and knows a lot of internals about VB programming. He implemented our current socket code.
(Ryan Seiff)
He has impacted our code in impressive ways. He's the creator of the dynamic object properties system. He's also a skillful graphic artist.
(Brandon Dobbie)
His expertise is GUIs. He's also very talented creating graphical web front ends. Most of the cool graphics on the website and graphical front ends are done by him.
DarkMercenary44 Owner of ShadowMUD, and now contributor to WheelMUD. He questions everything and keeps the WheelMUD crew on our toes mentally. He has many good ideas on how to implement stuff in code.
Other Contributors
(Chad Quimby)
Author of the original WheelMUD. He started the whole thing. We have since rewritten WM from scratch at least a couple times. He is no longer with us.
Hellfire He contributed the ANSI color tag system that we are using.
She's been around the 'Net from pre-web days. She was a regular at the Compuserve Forums, plus she served as an editor there. She has quite an impressive gaming background as well. Her pen is mightier than any sword, so watch your grammar! ;)

Tools used for the source code and website
Visual Basic 6
Multi-Edit 9
Interbase 6